Create a Customer

Creates a customer account of the API key owners account.


Name Type Description
api_key string your YikeSite API key (required)
customer[account_name] string the name of the account (required)
customer[account_subdomain] string the subdomain to use for this account (required)
customer[user_name] string name of the admin user (required)
customer[user_email] string email address of the user (required)
customer[user_password] string password for the user (required)
customer[user_password_confirmation] string should be exactly the same as customer[user_password] (required)
customer[skip_default_pages] string should be 1, any other value treated as a negative value and default pages will be created (optional)

JSON Example


On success, the newly created user will be emailed with login instructions, and the following JSON will be returned,

  "response": true,
  "errors": null

When parameters are incorrectly formatted,

  "response": false,
  "errors": "Incorrect parameters."

On failure,

  "response": false,
  "errors": ["Your URL has already been taken"]