Create a Page

Creates a page on the API key owners account.


Name Type Description
api_key string your API key (required)
page[name] string name of the page (required)
page[body] string content of the page
page[parent_id] string places this page as a sub–page of the page with this ID (leave this parameter blank to make a root level page)
page[is_hidden] boolean flag this page to be hidden from navigation or not
page[description] text an excerpt of the page to appear as meta–data
page[body_format] string (either markdown_format or wysiwyg_format, if not set, defaults to the editor set on Account Settings) format used to edit this page

JSON Example

  &page[body]=<h1>Foo</h1><p>Coming soon...</p>

On success:


On failure:

  "errors":[["name", "has already been taken"]]

Invalid format:

  "errors":"Invalid format"