Configuring ContentGems (Formerly Intigi) to post articles to YikeSite

Intigi is a content marketing tool that finds relevant content for you and allows you to share that via social media and your website. When you use Intigi with YikeSite you will be able to post curated news and industry articles that would be relevant to your website's visitors. Intigi sends content to YikeSite via XML-RPC.

Add a "sharing destination" in ContentGems:

  1. ### Click "Sharing" in the top bar of ContentGems
  2. Click Wordpress sharing destination type

    Wordpress and YikeSite both use the MetaWeblog XML-RPC API so choose the "WordPress" sharing destination in ContentGems.

  3. Locate the XML path on your YikeSite page

    For example, if you want to to post news under your page then you could browse there and access the page settings for that page to grab the XML endpoint URL.

  4. Configure sharing destination settings

  5. Curate articles to your site from Intigi!

    Click the "share via ContentGems" link in ContentGems's daily e-mail, the web-app or the chrome extension to post interesting links to you site!