Configuring MarsEdit with YikeSite

MarsEdit is a desktop blog editor for the OS X operating system. YikeSite supports the use of tools like MarsEdit to manage a website's content.

Differences from a traditional blog

There are some key differences between using a tool like MarsEdit with YikeSite compared to another platform such as WordPress. YikeSite is not a blogging platform by definition. It doesn't support 'posts', instead, YikeSite has 'pages' to manage content. Through MarsEdit, each page on your YikeSite account is represented as a post.

YikeSite supports nested pages to any level of depth. To support this feature in MarsEdit, each page is given it's own XML-RPC endpoint. Each endpoint allows management of all direct child-pages of the parent-page.

  1. Download MarsEdit

    MarsEdit costs $39.95 and can be purchased and downloaded direction from the MarsEdit website. A free 30 day trial is offered as well.

  2. Get the XML-RPC endpoint

    In your YikeSite administration panel, go to the 'Pages' tab and find the parent of the pages you wish to manage with MarsEdit. At the bottom of the 'Settings' sub-tab, the XML-RPC Endpoint is shown. Copy this down somewhere for when we configure MarsEdit.

  3. Setup MarsEdit

    • Click 'File' and select 'New Blog...'.
    • Type the root URL of your site.
    • MarsEdit won't be able to automatically detect the settings, this is okay just click 'edit settings'.
    • Select the 'General' tab.
    • On the 'System Name' drop-down, select 'WordPress'.
    • On the 'System API' drop-down, select 'MetaWeblog API'.
    • Put any value in for Blog ID (this is ignored by YikeSite). "1" is shown in the example above.
    • Click 'OK' and you should be ready to go!

When editing a page's content through MarsEdit, use the same editing format as is set in the administration panel for that particular page.